My home office setup

This past year was no big change for me in terms of my daily work routines. I haven't worked from an office in years. Since 2018, in fact, I have been busy working from all over europe. Due to my studies, I have been moving back and forth between Berlin, Copenhagen, Bonn and Marburg on a weekly basis.

What has definitely changed is that I now have an almost permanent office at home. One with a proper table and comfortable office chair.


For the moment I maintain two different desk configurations. A standing desk and a traditional desk with an office chair. This allows me to switch seamlessly between the two modes of "standing" and "seated" over the course of the day. In the beginning I thought hard about whether it would make sense to invest in a height-adjustable desk. However, in my case, I know that I very rarely used the up/down functionality in the office back then. Having both options available at the same time makes me think about changing the way I work more often. By now I'm actually standing more than I'm sitting. That used to be the other way around with the variable height desk.

Standing desk

Operating system

Over the last few months, my MacBook Pro from 2016 has become incredibly slow. Restoring it has only temporarily helped the situation. Now, after about 6 months, it is virtually unusable yet again. To finally address the issue, I made the switch to Ubuntu as my primary operating system around two months ago. I decided to convert my old windows gaming machine (7 years old i7 CPU, GTX 1080, 8gb RAM) and installed PopOS on it - the super beginner ubuntu linux distro.

And I have definitely not changed my mind about this decision so far. All applications that I use every day are running smoothly. Webstorm, Visual Studio code, Chrome, MS Edge, Slack, Telegram, Signal, Discord, Spotify. All there.

The only two things I miss are the shared clipboard on macOS/iOS devices as well as sketch as a design tool. For the latter I'm trying to use Figma now, but moving the large existing sketch library is a bit of a hassle still.

At the moment I have the Linux desktop hooked up to the standing desk which is where I primarily work right now. At the seated desktop I usually work with the MacBook, if I want to use Sketch again or just want to see a decent looking operating system. Because, let's be honest, Linux is kind of ugly for the most part.